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In May 2019, I took a little excursion into the foothills of the Blue Mountains near Walla Walla, Washington and found this incredible vista.

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20180724-SUL01150 20180724-SUL0115020180724-SUL01150Sony A7R III

Sony A7R III and Sony 85mm f1.4 GM

This is a shot from my second photo session with my new camera.  It has been a huge change going from the Cannon to the Sony...what a learning curve after using the Cannon system for so long.

I do like it though!

This shot was edited in Lightroom CC Classic...another new program.  I updated from Lightroom 5 and Photoshop 5.  I hardly ever used Lightroom before and I am using it more now so again huge learning curve that is slowing down my processing a bit.  However, before I was quickly deleting some bad shots and uploading the rest of the photos from a session and allowing the client to have access to download all of those images at a medium jpeg size, unedited, for free.  Now that I am using LR more I am stopping that practice and instead culling and editing as quickly as possible before uploading to a gallery on my website.  This means higher quality images but no longer free.  I also lowered the prices of my products, to include the digital downloads.  I can't go any lower or I would be giving them away!  I am tired and starting to feel the way this little guy looks lol.

See ya

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Rhodesian Ridgeback 2017_07_15_33888 edit 4x6Rhodesian RidgebackThe Rhodesian Ridgeback or Lion Dog is a working dog, a hunter, he is very intelligent and docile. An excellent family pet and fearsome guardian. The Rhodesians are instinctively very protective. My Rhodesian 'Jafar' is about 14 years old. He is a very loving companion…my buddy.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback or Lion Dog is a working dog, a hunter, he is very intelligent and docile.  An excellent family pet and fearsome guardian.  The Rhodesians are instinctively very protective.  My Rhodesian 'Jafar' is about 14 years old.  He is a very loving companion…my buddy.

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New Business card Designed some new business cards yesterday.  What do you think?


Business Card 2016 iiBusiness Card 2016 ii



Business Card 2016 BacksideBusiness Card 2016 Backside

[email protected] (Sully's Photos) Laredo business card design photographer photography portrait professional sullysphotos Sat, 18 Jun 2016 02:44:16 GMT
Black and White Ball, Laredo Civic Center, November 14, 2015 Black and White Ball

November 14, 2015

     Ok, well it's been a long time since I posted something on my blog.  I am going to make an effort to post here more often.  I moved away from this blog as a result from joining Instagram: @sullysphotos and FaceBook:  Sully's Photos.  I tried using my personal profile on FB, which is private, and I created a public Fan page (fan page lol--their name not mine) but it was not a user friendly system for what I wanted to do so I deleted it and my personal page (which I never really used anyway) and I opened a public profile just for Sully's Photos.  Instagram is super easy to use, even sharing with FB, and is an excellent and quick way of showcasing shots from photo shoots and events.

     So I have uploaded a few images from last nights Black and White Ball and will be uploading more soon.  The images are for sale and I offer hundreds of products right here in my web site.  Just select and image, click Buy, and you will be guided through product options and see pricing.  All images purchased (if they haven't already been edited) will be edited prior to order fulfillment.




2015_11_15_002298 edit Logo 6x9Victoria Perez


2015_11_15_002267 edit2015_11_15_002267 edit


2015_11_15_002268 edit Logo 8x10Paulita


2015_11_15_002287 edit Logo ii2015_11_15_002287 edit Logo ii



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United High School Larriettes This is the Larriettes last dance of the MA Championships--pom routine.  Filmed in 1080p HD with the Canon 5d Mark II and Canon 70-200mm f2.8L USM IS II.

Note:  there is a rather shaky spot in here when a overly-ambitious fan starts waving a large prop around right in front of my camera :/  So I had to stand up and hop the camera up really high to get the annoying prop out of the frame.



[email protected] (Sully's Photos) Laredo championships dance division fort worth ma championships photographer photography pom professional sullysphotos super texas Wed, 25 Mar 2015 04:32:52 GMT
Veronica Fernandez Beautiful singer / cantante Veronica Fernandez from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico is living out her dream of recording music in Las Angeles, California.  Check out her single 'Me Muero'.  Sully's photos is low cost, fun, flexible, and the custom work is excellent!!  Call today for a quote.  20141015_46343 edit bw hp 5x7 greyes20141015_46343 edit bw hp 5x7 greyes

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Vinyl Banners

Rocket Banner Company is our favorite vendor for Vinyl Banners. If you need Banners in Texas we recommend Rocket Banner.

Recently designed some large vinyl banners for a volleyball team.  Here is a sample.  I use a local (Dallas, Texas) sign company (Rocket Banner) for all of my vinyl banner printing.

20140830_40327 3x5 100dpi A20140830_40327 3x5 100dpi A


If you are interested in Team or individual portraits and banners I would love to help you.  

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20140811_38584 HP 20140811_38584 HP20140811_38584 HP


Super Moon last night Earth's moon was in it's nearest orbit to earth and it looked rather large and beautiful to the naked eye.  However, if you had the luxury of looking at it through binoculars or even better a telescope then you had a most awesome view of the surface of our moon.

I shot this with a Canon 5D MKII, a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II with a 2X Extender, 400mm at 1000th of a second, ISO 100, f/5.7 on a tripod, of course, with a two second self timer.

Not the best moon image but the best I can do with the equipment I have.


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Long Jump Collage Poster Marc Lozoya Collage Logo newMarc Lozoya Collage Logo new

I really like this one but the poster below is really cool also.  The thin colorful lines are from an overlay with a crazy blending mode--I think it turned out really awesome!!!  This collage was made from nine individual photos.

Marc Lozoya Collage Logo new 2Marc Lozoya Collage Logo new 2

[email protected] (Sully's Photos) Laredo design editing field graphics jump long lozoya marc photographer photography photoshop posters sullysphotos track Fri, 25 Apr 2014 21:49:07 GMT
Posters, Collages, Layout and Design JumpCollage IJumpCollage IPhotoshop collage editing, and design by Sully's Photos! Customizing images to suit your individuality. For interest sake checkout the work of other talented photographers at: Also, checkout the great prices on gallery wraps at: <a href="">Canvas Printing</a>


Ask Sully about making a poster, collage, or other print with professional editing and design that will suit your individual needs!  The image above was made from seven separate images.  It is a 10" x 20" poster that is very cheap considering the time invested in the production.

On another note,  take a look at some other photographers work at the following site: and for quality printing and gallery wraps. Canvas Printing

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Tunnel Shoot Dance shoot in a tunnel with gelled strobes.  Ballerina pose in a tutu.  Canon strobists.First AttemptI recently discovered this large tunnel in Laredo and since it is a new tunnel it has yet to be occupied by bats--yes bats!! For those of you who have not been in any tunnels here they are overrun by bats and the stench of guano is horrific! This is just one of many dance shoots that I have recently done in an attempt to emulate another photographer who I feel is a very talented dance photographer. This was also my first attempt at using gels on my strobes. I think it went rather well. This shot was with a blue gelled Canon 580 EXII behind the dancer and a Canon 430 EXII camera left as a main light. My second attempt was even better. Model: Andrea Iglesias

I recently discovered this large tunnel in Laredo and since it is a new tunnel it has yet to be occupied by bats--yes bats!!  For those of you who have not been in any tunnels here they are overrun by bats and the stench of guano is horrific!

This is just one of many dance shoots that I have recently done in an attempt to emulate another photographer who I feel is a very talented dance photographer.

This was also my first attempt at using gels on my strobes.  I think it went rather well.  This shot was with a blue gelled Canon 580 EXII behind the dancer and a Canon 430 EXII camera left as a main light.  My second attempt was even better.

Model:  Andrea Iglesias


The image below is my second attempt at the blue gelled tunnel shoot was much better as I used a larger strobe (Einstein 640 by Paul C. Buff) behind the dancer and positioned it farther down the tunnel in order to light more of the tunnel.  Next time I think I will move it even farther down the tunnel.  I used a snooted Canon 580EXII camera left to light the subject.  I needed a larger snoot opening or repositioning of the 580 in order to light the entire subject.  You can barely see, on the wall to the right of the subject some whitening of the wall from the 580!

Overall, I am very pleased with the results.

Next time I want to add water on the floor so when the dancer jumps the water sprays!!

Model:  Sophia Zarate

dance poses, jumps, in a tunnel shot using stobes and gels.Second AttemptMy second attempt at the blue gelled tunnel shoot was much better as I used a larger strobe (Einstein 640 by Paul C. Buff) behind the dancer and positioned it farther down the tunnel in order to light more of the tunnel. Next time I think I will move it even farther down the tunnel. I used a snooted Canon 580EXII camera left to light the subject. I needed a larger snoot opening or repositioning of the 580 in order to light the entire subject. You can barely see, on the wall to the right of the subject some whitening of the wall from the 580! Overall, I am very pleased with the results. Next time I want to add water on the floor so when the dancer jumps the water sprays!! Model: Sophia Zarate

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Shorncliffe_Pier_2012 Amy Shorncliffe_Pier_2012 AmyShorncliffe_Pier_2012 Amy

Quick photoshop edit from a studio shoot a couple days ago.  The background is a Wikipedia file, unknown photographer, it is the Shorncliffe Pier, England.  The dancer is the beautifully talented Amy.  A real pleasure to work with! 

I have neglected my blog due to the ease of posting and popularity of Instagram and FB, but I am going to make an attempt to add to it more often.

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The Path Forward 20131231_12831 6x920131231_12831 6x9


Sometimes the path forward seems daunting....however, I see challenge, adventure, thrill, exploration of possibilities.

The Algodones Dunes, California is the only erg in the United States.  Many movies have been shot here, the military has done desert warfare training here as well.  It is quite beautiful and a major attraction for recreational vehicle enthusiasts, as many as 150,000 visitors can arrive on a single winter weekend to play.


[email protected] (Sully's Photos) algodones desert dunes landscape photography sand Sun, 12 Jan 2014 07:09:59 GMT
The Path Behind 20131231_12841 Path Behind20131231_12841 Path Behind


What do you see when you look back?


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Gotta Love 'EM IMG_0002IMG_0002

I love smartphone apps!!  They are so easy and quick to use.  This is the first time I have ever uploaded a photo to my computer, or the web for that matter, that was edited--or should I say filtered with smartphone apps.  The resolution is not he greatest but I am happy with the results.

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20131012_08944 6x9 Logo new 20131012_08944 6x9 Logo new20131012_08944 6x9 Logo new

I love fashion photography, maternity photography, portraiture, and shoots that are different or challenging.  I learn something new every time I have a shoot, I meet new and interesting people, I just love it!


If you have worked with me in the past I would appreciate any comments in my Guestbook...I want more testimonials regarding your experience working with me.  Thank you!!


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Winter 20131123_11878 Logo20131123_11878 Logo

This is my favorite shot from a seasonal shoot I recently held in my studio.  I am very happy with this shot!

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Holidays Card 20131123_11914 happy Logo20131123_11914 happy Logo

Made a Holiday Greeting Card recently.

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Team Shot 20131203_Team Poster20131203_Team Poster

The shot with the worst exposure was the best shot of the group photos that I took--as the faces of the individuals were all looking at the camera in this one shot.  Next time I ask all the parents to leave the area and only the coach stays lol--at this shoot there were too many distractions and someone in almost every shot was looking elsewhere.

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Trautmann Girls Basketball Team Shoot 20131203_12337 Poster 8x1220131203_12337 Poster 8x12

It was never my intention do become a sports photographer--not that these are samples of action shots but I have done a few now and everyone seems to love my posters.  I have been learning a lot while doing these team shoots.  I will probably be revisiting my rates for these posters though as they can be quite time consuming.

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Trautmann Texans Poster s06 20131016_09393 Posters06 20131016_09393 Poster

A sample of the Trautmann Texans team shoot.

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Borchers Cheer Squad

Sample of Borchers Elementary cheer squad poster.

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Rangers Team Shoot Rangers tball laredo texas baseball sullysphotosIMG_4456 Team Ballfield


The Rangers Team shoot.  Shot this a while back but thought I would include it in my Blog as one of my samples for Team Sports Photography and photos editing.


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Rijos JR Rijos JRRijos JR

A taste of nostalgia...lil Rijos Jr just washed and waxed his hotrod.

What can I say sometimes I do some funny edits.  usually late at night when i am blurry eyed and been at the computer too long lol.

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Pro Services at Amateur Rates--Sully's Photos 20130803_02140 different20130803_02140 different

My friend has the cutest kids!!  They were fun to work with.  Contact me today for your family portraits.  Great rates, great times, great photos.....Sully's Photos

Gifts, calendars, photo books, metal prints, posters, holiday greeting cards, up to 500 products available plus the best image editing services.  I can edit, retouch, and put your photos into a collage or make individual prints--fix your photos with Sully's Photos!!

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Mysterious Beauty

My favorite photo from my shoot with Catherine.  This image is dark and obscure to match the obscure face hidden behind the sunglasses.  Her beauty glows, as does her personality. 

[email protected] (Sully's Photos) Sullysphotos Sully's Photos Professional Photographer Portrait b&w black white Sun, 17 Nov 2013 06:00:34 GMT
Lovely Maria 20131109_10830 Logo20131109_10830 Logo

I had a lot of fun on this shoot with Maria, her mom, and her BFF Amy.  Meeting great people like this is one of my favorite reasons for doing what I do.  I mean I could be at home sitting on the couch watching TV...yuck lol

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Happy Birthday My Friend!!! IMG_6839 50p


Melissa, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to use my new equipment and get some practice, your time was appreciated.  I hope that you like your birthday gift.



[email protected] (Sully's Photos) Laredo fashion female portrait sullysphotos Mon, 31 Dec 2012 18:28:50 GMT
Blue Jeans Blue JeansBlue Jeans


Had an impromtu shoot with Valerie on December 22.  I had everything set up in the studio already and figured I would try to maximise the my shooting time seeing how long it takes to set up and dismantle everything.  So, thank you, Valerie for the rapid response.


My studio location is a sub-lease (contract still pending) on a 5600 sqft. dance studio.  Thank you, very much Sandy Harza, my dear friend for allowing me to use your facility.  I hope that we reach a mutually benefical and economically feasible solution soon :)


My business contacts have grown exponentially recently, do in part to my recent efforts to network on social and professional websites.  The pieces of my business puzzle are being placed in rapid succession now :)


Now, on with the shoots, because that is where I learn the most and also where I have the most fun!!! 


[email protected] (Sully's Photos) Sullivan blue brunette fashion female heels jeans laredo model philip portrait sullysphotos teen texas Tue, 25 Dec 2012 03:26:42 GMT
Fashion/Fit Model--Marilyn Bautista IMG_7833IMG_7833

The above photo is from a shoot on December 22, with Marilyn.  She was great to work with!


It turns out that one of two Einstein 640ws strobes that I recently purchased has a manufacturer defect:/ I thought that I had used both strobes but I guess not.  I never hooked both of them up at the same time--silly me.  So on the day of the shoot--guess what, only one strobe was working--my plans were out the window.  Needless to say, I was very disappointed.


I learned a lot from this shoot, as I have from all of my shoots.  I really appreciate those who have helped me.  I only get better with practice and I am doing that as much as I can...I will succeed!!  I will become the photographer that I want to be ;) 


Often it is the simplest things that snag an otherwise good shoot e.g. the improper placement of a refector stand which bounces light correctly but the stand casts a shadow from a rim, which you don't notice til after the shoot :(  Therefore, I am going to shoot tethered on my next studio shoot, which will give me a better review and analysis during the shoot.


I have so much too learn.  Thankfully, I have been blessed with wonderful people that donate their time modeling for me.  Sure, they expect great photos in return, and I do everything in my power to meet those expectations.  If not well we'll do it over:)


Happy holidays,



[email protected] (Sully's Photos) Bautista Dress Laredo Brunette Marilyn Sullivan Sullysphotos boutique cocktail fashion glamour heels mel's model outfit philip photo photographer portraits posing shoot style sundress woman young Tue, 25 Dec 2012 03:10:01 GMT
Valerie Night Lights IMG_7255



My first shoot with Valerie. It was spur of the moment. I wanted to do a wintery portrait with a hat and scarf with some blurred out (bokeh) christmas lights in the background. These were shot in the St. Augustine Plaza, downtown Laredo, Texas. It was a fun shoot and a fun concept considering it was 84 degrees this afternoon.
Thank you, Valerie, looking forward to the next shoot.  Thank you, Alejandra, for assisting me--you're the best.
Shot with one Einstein 640, 47" Octabox, Canon 70-200mm f2.8L, and 5DMKII.


[email protected] (Sully's Photos) bokeh christmas fashion female laredo lighting lights model night photos portrait scarf sully's sullysphotos teen texas young Mon, 03 Dec 2012 06:29:47 GMT
Guns & Hoses Boxing at the LEA IMG_6554

BPA Parker Buhr landed a solid left on his opponent.  Parker Buhr went on to win the match by unanimous decision.


It was a fun event and it was great to see so many familiar faces outside of the work environment.

[email protected] (Sully's Photos) Guns Boxing bouts Hoses Laredo LEA Arena Mon, 19 Nov 2012 18:32:10 GMT
My Sweetheart's 16th Birthday I am feeling old these days--my daughter is sixteen now.  I thank God for blessing me with such wonderful children.  Alejandra, I love you with all my heart.  I am so proud of all of my children.  I hope that they understand that they are the world too me no matter what.

Alejandra's birthday dinner at Johnny Carino's with a few friends.


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Back in Business 2012 Laredo Fall Fashion Show Photographed by SullysPhotosJosie Urteaga


Well here's what has been happening.  I went three or four weeks, I can't remember exactly, without my iMac--they said that they replaced the rear housing, the LCD screen, and the glass front cover.  In other words my old screen went black and wouldn't come back on!!  It was under warranty still so it cost nothing. :)  Thanks Best Buy.


I recently got an invite and attended the AM Limelight Productions 2012 Fall Fashion Show, here in Laredo, Texas.  I believe that I got shots of all the models.  It was fun.  I did want to meet some more models and network a little.  But it didn't happen as planned.  There was one other photographer there and a videographer.  From what I saw, it appears that the models are told to look and pose for a particular photographer and it seems that after the show they all go to that one photographer to network.


I guess I was the outsider there and didn't have the right connections with the production staff.  Oh well, all in good time.  I just made another major inventory purchase which will allow me to expand my business and capabilities exponentially.  I now have a very well equipped studio setup.  I am currently networking to find a studio workspace somewhere that I can use part time.


Every time I travel to Austin and Round Rock I encounter people who desire a commercial photographer and I intend to explore working those connections, as I love the Austin area and will use any excuse to get up there.  I am working on scheduling mini sessions for children and family portraits for the upcoming holiday season.


Enjoy life my friends,


[email protected] (Sully's Photos) 2012 AM Limelight Productions Fall Fashion Laredo Mel's Boutique Show SullysPhotos Texas boutique clothing entertainment modeling models photographer photography pose professional talent trends Mon, 15 Oct 2012 05:31:22 GMT
Quick Look I have been promising to post some photos of my remodel projects, here is a quick sample of my work.  iphone photos of one of my kitchen cabinets and my Laredo, Texas agate slab 9 foot long bar.  Still a work in progress.  My propensity to be a perfectionist slows me down a lot.

Agate Slab Concrete Bar

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Fresh Cut Well I have been very busy, taking a lot of photos, photoshopping :( a necessary evil, traveling, remodeling my house, my 9-5 job which is really 9-7, attending functions and events, and cutting some agates.  Here is an example of an agate that I cut open two days ago while working on my concrete counters.  It still has dirty mineral oil on it from the 18" Highland Park diamond blade rock saw but I couldn't wait to show it off.  It's beautiful.  Now back to work--my family is losing their patience with my lengthy remodel.

[email protected] (Sully's Photos) Agate Lapidary Laredo Photographer Plume Rio Grande Slabs SullysPhotos Texas Mon, 20 Aug 2012 03:32:22 GMT
KP's Eye Up Close My daughter's friend has really pretty eyes.  So one afternoon I took a quick snapshot just for fun.  Thank you, KP!!!

[email protected] (Sully's Photos) Eyes Pretty girl young Tue, 05 Jun 2012 03:41:19 GMT
Sliced Laredo Agate I realized after reviewing these photos that I probably should get a macro lens.  I took these with my Canon Rebel T1i and Canon 70-200mm f2.8L USM IS II lens.  Next time I find the time to set up and shoot some agates I'll try using my Canon 35MM f1.4L USM and my new Canon 5D Mark II, unless the Canon ships their new 5D Mk III to the stores before then.  I may take the MK II back and get the MK III, more $$$ but hell of a lot more camera.  

Here we are:

I like the little white dots around the small fortification on the


Nice fortification with a large white dot inside.


A little bit of gold colored lining in this one.


Salmon Colored Moss Laredo Agatekj-0405

Abstract Salmon colored agate from Laredo.


Orange moss agate from Laredo.


A lot of reddish brown moss in this one.




I really like how the brown line of moss separates two nice areas of agate banding.  You can see at the top how the water I dipped the agate in is drying due to the modeling lamp I was using, it is a good example of how much the water brings out the color and hides the saw marks.  These are all unpolished pieces.


Red, White, and Blue Laredo Moss Agate.  I like the colors.


To me this one looks like reddish ground with some brush and a sun colored cloudy sky.  Use your imagination.


Gold moss agate from the Laredo, Texas area.


Another Gold colored moss from the Laredo area.




Nice plume agate, or flower garden agate, from the Laredo area.  See the rough version below.


An odd shape.  This agate is well worn from it's trip in the Rio Grande River.


Love the color.  I really like the green ones!


Wonder what this one will look like when cut.


Botryoidal agate is the globular spots and the dendrites are the fern like growth patterns, which on this agate are black, brown, and red.  It also has black marks that resemble burn marks.  Awesome agate!  I don't think I will cut this one.  It is awesome on the outside.


The very obvious indicator of a sagenite inclusion.  See the photo below for the cut version.


If I had tilted it a little more in the vise I would have cut through the sagenite buried in the top half of the agate.  It is not very easy to lock an agate into the vise and prevent it from moving during the cutting process, when that happens it really messes up your day. :(


Red Stripe.  Nice multi-colored moss agate from the Laredo area.


Another salmon colored Laredo area moss agate.


Laredo Area Fortification Agate


Laredo area bright red moss.



That's all for today.  Hope you enjoyed the agate display.

[email protected] (Sully's Photos) Laredo, Texas, Agate, Moss, Inclusions, Plume, Sagenitic, Dendritic, Botryoidal Mon, 07 May 2012 00:06:59 GMT
Where to Begin......

I guess that I will begin this blog with some shots of some of my recent activities.  I have always been intrigued by geology and natural history; recently I began collecting agates in the Laredo area.  Laredo has a lot of jasper, moss, plume, fortification, sagenitic, and dendritic agates.  Below I will attempt to describe the differences and post some examples of each of these types of agate.


After cutting the above agate with a Highland Park 18" diamond blade slab saw this is what we find....


Fresh out of the saw and still covered with mineral oil, which is used to keep the diamond blade cool while cutting.

A wonderful red moss..reminiscent of mountains and a valley full of blue sky, which has some fortification banding.



Agates with inclusions are some of the rarest and most beautiful agates in the world. These inclusions may be sagenitic (sagenite)plume, dendritic, or moss. A description of each of these most common types of inclusions is important here.

Sagenite, or more accurately, sagenitic agate is any agate having acicular or needle like mineral growths. These hair like filaments are often arranged in fans or sunbursts. The inclusions come in a wide array of colors.  For example:

Gold Stars




Plume agate has fluffy inclusions which often appear to be soft and have depth. Sometimes plume agate inclusions resemble feathers, plants, or flowers. Colors may vary as in sagenite.  For example:



Dendritic agate has thin, two-dimentional, treelike growths, usually black or dark brown, as is the case with Montana Agate. Often dendrites form between flat "waterline" bands of agate. Dendrites may also occur in limestone, talc, and sandstone, and in beryl, corundum, and other minerals.




When inclusions in agate are random in pattern, often creating the appearance of seaweed or moss, we have moss agateMoss agate comes in many colors and is often green. Moss is the most common type of inclusion in agate.



Fortification Agate:  Fortification Agate:  This is the most common and distinctive type of agate.  In these agates, bands crystallized into concentric layers that more or less follow the shape of the cavity.  The banding resembles an aerial view of a fort.

Huge Fort

Even in it's rough/uncut form this is an excellent example of a fortification agate.




I am unsure about the technical term for the following agate but I think it is most likely Crazy Lace or Mexican Crazy Lace, so named for the many colors, it's usual origin, and crazy haphazard designs.  It is very beautiful.

It was obvious even before the cut that there was going to be a lot of color and varied design within.  This piece is about 5 inches long.  I was able to cut several slabs off this one.



Well This is just a preview of the agates I have collected.  I have only cut a few of them.  The 18" Highland Park slab saw that I have been using is at my brother's house...only a 6 1/2 hour drive away...ugh.  The photos above were taken quickly not long after cutting and still have oil and debri on them.  None are polished yet.  Some of these photos were taken with my iPhone.  I say quickly because I was cutting agate after agate all while building the forms for my kitchen concrete countertops.  The cutting is rather a slow process and I was anxious to snap a few photos to show what I was finding.  Later I will conduct nicer, cleaner, studio shots.

I am very glad that i did not get any oil on my camera.  Here is a shot of the saw, after a cut was made, with an agate still clamped in the vise.

This shot actually looks rather clean as the saw sat over night and the oil ran down into the reservoir.  Once you clamp the rock into the vise and adjust the width of the cut, the saw will automatically move the vise forward as it cuts the agate.  You can set the saw to automatically shut off when the cut is completed.  Yes, it is a very expensive saw!  But what a smooth cut.



An example of creative lighting....




And I think I will finish today's blog with a mystery rock!  Can you identify it???  It is a petrified....well there is the mystery.

Topside:  Above--dry, below--wet.




It weighs approximately 7 1/2 pounds.  It was very porous and had an outer skin or layer that seems to have mostly deteriorated.  The bottom has what appears to have been roots (my best guess).  Laredo is well known for it's petrified palm wood, however, this does not look like the palm stumps/roots that I have seen.  I found this in the bottom of a wash on the side of a hill.  It was approximately 3-4 feet below the surrounding topsoil.


Well that's it for today.  I think that my next blog will showcase the home improvement projects that have been keeping me so busy.  Yep, thats me, jack of all trades--master of none.  Haha.  I am happy with my life, family, hobbies, crafts, photography business, and that is what counts.

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